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Our services cover the complete execution of an exhibition stand. We welcome standards and the exceptional in equal measure: standards are a professional routine for us; the exceptional a welcome challenge to follow new paths and to seek new solutions.



Our company was founded in 2003 and after about two years of »conventional stand construction«, in which, according to our current opinion, we used raw materials very wastefully at the time, we switched our business model to sustainable »ECO exhibition stands«.

We have invested in a high-quality exhibition stand construction system with which we not only take into account the different design requirements and the corporate identity guidelines of our customers, but also come closer to our goal of at least climate-neutral production. In addition to the mandatory energy efficiency and the green electricity that we use, procurement processes, production, transport, assembly logistics and reusability have all been rethought: the »ECO stand« was born.


What does an »ECO stand» actually mean?


» It is a high-quality aluminum system stand that has a modular structure and can be expanded or changed at any time with minimal effort;

» We use sustainable wood elements several times;

» Graphics on fabric banners are printed on ecological materials. If these can no longer be used, they will be used again as fabric carrier bags at the next exhibition;

» For transport we only use transport boxes that can demonstrate long wear life cycles;

» The transport is carried out with certified transport companies;

» The exhibition stand lighting consists of energy-saving LED lighting;

» Everything that works is reused by us: special designs, banners, graphics are stored in our warehouse for your next exhibition.

Virtual Exhibition Stand

Expand your presence with the help of a virtual exhibition stand: In addition to your physical exhibition stand, it can stimulate the attractiveness of a visit for potential interested parties with a walk-in 3D online preview. This can be limited in time in order to create synergy effects with your physical presence, but it can also be permanently activated in order to be used for other marketing purposes with the help of webinars or other online campaigns: for example, for internal or external information events, training courses or for the company presentation to potential partners.

Stand Examples

Through very far-reaching design possibilities in the creation of the exhibition stands, in combination with the use of high-quality materials, you present your products in an individually designed exhibition environment and thereby set a unique accent in the presentation.

About Us

Hann Messe Konzept & Montage is a full-service company, which carries out the construction of exhibition and trade fair stands – from conception and individual customer liaison support service to dismantling.


In an exhibition hall, shortly before starting, there is much hustle and bustle going on: exhibitors, customers, stand builders and organisers all competing for time.

The countdown is running.

An exhibition and trade fair stand has to catch the eye – through individuality, creativity and excellent products. Adequate, proper lighting, which foreground your products, a perfect finish and a friendly ambience also contribute to your presence being a success.

The construction of an exhibition stand with modular systems and skilfully employed materials is a daily challenge to find suitable solutions, which adapt to the limits of a fixed budget, and are technically as well as qualitatively at the highest level. The feasible is exploited to the limit… and often beyond.

Branding has the highest priority. The company image is strengthened and consolidated by recognition. It is important to us, to maintain the corporate design guidelines. Only with an immense passion for detail do we succeed in placing special emphasis on our customer. In order for this to work smoothly, effective organisation plays a prominent role. In this way, we can create constancy in accordance with our customers’ visions.

Design creates value.

- Ronny Edelstein -

Our Work

Our concepts begin with professional modular systems and end with individually designed stands using high-class equipment and feature effects – ranging from glass facades with unique LED lighting scenarios, glass cabinets with halogen lighting to designer armchairs and LCD flat screens.

We will gladly advise you


Advice Advice is based on trust. It is our duty to deal with the trust that is put in us in a conscientious manner. We accompany our customers with help and advice from the planning stage and completion of their presentation at trade fairs and exhibitions to the dismantling and disposal. There is no »Early enough«.

Design of the stand


Design We implement ideas. Individual exhibition stands are implemented according to customer specifications and ideas. With our modular systems we are able to develop a successful concept very effectively and cost-efficiently ad hoc. Meticulous details are agreed upon and included on an individual basis, as it is just these small details that form a feature of a high-class exhibition stand. In addition, we offer our customers the possibility to start a virtual tour through the designed exhibition stand from their PC workplace, before it is actually constructed on the trade fair premises. This enables the customer to examine his exhibition stand “in reality” beforehand, and to express and include requests for change with regard to design or equipment prior to commencement of the construction.

Production: all inclusive


Each stand requires different technologies, materials and statistical calculations. Our »Modular individuality« program enables us to apply fixed components in a skilfully combined way. However, depending on the design, we have to revert to individual solutions for the subtlest details. The branding and graphic presentation together with suitable accessories completes the over-all presentation of the exhibition stand. The production is laid out in such a way that assembly on site proceeds without any hitches. You are always pressed for time at trade fair grounds!

Assembly on site


Our careful planning and successful production are put to the test. In order to ensure that the stand is handed over smoothly and on schedule, it is not only assembled on site, but we check our graphic idea by means of a pre-assembly in the warehouse. After fitting the components of the exhibition stand in the warehouse, they are assembled on site. From the floor and walls, as well as graphics and accessories to the electrics – a workpiece is completed: »Flawless in the spotlight«.

Dismantling and Transport


All good things must come to an end. For us, not for a long time though. After the last customer has left, we continue to look after your stand. We dismantle, pack, depending on the requirements, relocate or take care of the removal. You decide, what happens next.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci -


Hann Messe Konzept & Montage is a full-service company, which carries out the construction of exhibition and trade fair stands – from conception and individual customer liaison support service to dismantling.

  • Elements on Loan

    Utilising instead of owning. We make various elements available to you…

  • Logistics

    Our company constructs exhibition stands throughout Europe

  • Storage

    Time is money. If required, until it is used next time, an exhibition stand will be …

  • Processing all Formalities

    Processing all formalities necessary for the stand construction…

  • Best possible placing of exhibition stand

    We make sure that you stand out…

  • Electric Outlets & Water Supply

    We coordinate all technical details with the exhibition company to achieve better planning.

  • Ceiling Suspension

    High up with assurance of clear visibility…

  • VIP Transfer

    Important visitors are coming to visit you? We’ll bring them to you.

  • Catering Service

    Just a snack or a proper gala? No problem. Our partner will have the suitable menu ready for you.

  • Hostess Service

    Let the show begin: for the good atmosphere is guaranteed.

  • 100 Per Cent Commitment

    As the result of an extensive scope for design when constructing the exhibition stands, in conjunction with first-class materials, you present your products in an individually created exhibition ambience, thereby accentuating unique features during the presentation. Only the best is good enough for us. We do our utmost for our customers and much more beyond. With guaranteed fixed prices.

    • Reliability: 100%
    • Genauigkeit: 100%

    • Quality: 100%
    • Freundlichkeit: 100%

    • Economically priced: 100%
    • Precision: 100%

    • 365 Days in Mission
    • 2891 Realized projects
    • 22 Years of experience
    • 100 Percent satisfaction


    You have a query or would like to know more about us? Please give us a call or send us an email: We will contact you without delay.


    Adolf-Silverberg-Str. 28
    50181 Bedburg


    Tel.: + 49 2272 937 69 84
    Fax: + 49 2272 937 69 85



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